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Mother Tongue as the Development Mean of National-Spiritual Needs During Globalization Process


Davletov J.B.,

the teacher national ideology, spiritual basis and law study department, Faculty of History, Urgench state university.


First of all, globalization is incomparable acceleration of life rate in high degree(1),studying the matter in wide range, developing spiritual-training needs in this process makes obvious that this matter is not only todays issue but it concerns to our future also. If we take into consideration of the fact that the most part of these demands is concerned to our nations past, history, certainly, the problem can be seen as actual matter of today from modern point of view. During the process of globalization the ways and means of meeting spiritual-training needs are pointed out in the book High spirituality is invincible power by the president of the republic I. Karimov. It will not be an exaggeration if we say that these ways and means are clearly defined in the subchapter Way to the human soul, the fourth chapter titled as Solid fundamentals of our motherland of this book. Because human soul , his spirituality is the only factor which makes possible to save own mentality in any economic and moral conditions. That is why in the previous chapters of the book it is pointed out obviously that the content essence of spirituality, the factors developing them, harmony of material and spiritual life, spiritual criteria of wide scaled reforms being implemented in our country and during the process of globalization problems of preventing and keeping off spiritual world of the nation from different negative influences and threats

Mother tongue can be considered as the main tool of meeting spiritual-training needs during the process of globalization. In this process connection of several means with each other is natural and certainly, no other mean can gather a number of means with itself as the mother tongue.

In this issue, mother tongue is essential factor in developing spiritual training needs naturally. These reflections are the exact fact that I.Karimov, the president of the republic implemented wide scale training- policy in the country from early years of the activity. Nowadays, it is not for no reason that the law on Official state language is considered as the first step towards the independence of the country. We shouldnt forget that the preparation and adoption of this law was not easy and smooth for us. Saying frankly and honestly, the preparation, adoption and implementation of the law in this shape are closely connected with the name and activity of I. Karimov, the daring leader of the republic.(1) The most significant and natural part of the matter is that, the notion of mother tongue aims at not only Uzbek language. So the mother tongue performs the function of most significant and trust worthy means by saving each nations reflection, preventing different spiritual threats in globalization process. The president claimed the following lines: Self realizing of national consciousness and thought expression, the mental-spiritual interrelation among generations can be conspicuous through mother tongue. The mother tongue is the soul of the nation. These statements are irresistible historical truth and contain the latest goals or scientific conclusions of the investigations on mother tongue. N.Mahmudov wrote about it, When I think about a language, every time I remember the following statements by famous German linguist Wilhelm Fon Humboldt The difference among languages is not only in sound variety, but it is the result of difference in world viewing of every nation also. It is true that, every nation has own vision of life, own discipline of intelligence, in general, peculiar criteria of thought. For this reason the great concepts of national consciousness, national thought, national sense have been enriching the power and encircle in human soul for thousands of years.

American linguist, Benjamin Ly Worf said: If Newton hadnt spoken in English, hadnt thought in English, his great discovery about the universe would have been rather different. It means that, the broad border of thought and intelligence of our nations great world famous ancestor celebrities caused by the emotion, opportunities, deep outlook basis of the mother tongue which have been shaped and brightened for centuries, no matter in which language they are creating their own work. The definitions for the language such as it is a mean of communication among people or it is a social event cant be resisted and at the same time cant define the nature and function of the language perfectly.

As specialists claim that, A language, first of all, is a mean of viewing, listening, knowing and imagining of the world. Simultaneously, we shouldnt forget that a language is mental, aesthetic state also.

According to N.Makhmudov, Tadanobu Tsunoda, Japanese professor of medicine at Tokyo university, in Athens, international symposium of UNESCO in 1981, made his speech about the results of 15 years experimental investigations of him. Tsunoda observed Japanese and western (French, English, Spanish, German and other) people in his experiment. The scientist made them listen to the human voice, sounds made by animals, birds and insects and by using certain modern apparatus he made notes on their reactions on their brain parts. The investigations show that, there is a difference in distribution of functions in the cerebrum hemispheres centers between Japanese and western people. In other words we can say that, the sound accepted in certain part of a Japanese mans cerebrum is accepted by another part of cerebrum in western mans brain.

In order to clarify the point that it is connected with the ethno genetics or not, the investigator conducted another experiment with 20 Japanese emigrant children.The result was that, this difference was not genetic, but it depended on the atmosphere of usage of mother tongue. Basing on all above mentioned points, Tsunoda concluded with the followings The mother tongue differentiates listening, feeling, acquiring and comprehending of sounds around human being. Mother tongue is closely connected with the development of emotional(powerful sense) mechanism in human brain. The mother tongue acquired and used from childhood is the inseparable part with the peculiar, unique culture and spiritual world of every ethnic group.


Sing on his conclusion, we can point out that, saving the pureness of the tongue is considered as saving the most significant part peculiar to our nation. Globalization is not the process which has appeared in human life spontaneously. It is not mistake that if we say, the first marks became conspicuous from early days of social interrelations of humanity. For that, especially, when the different ethnic groups communicate with each other, educational-training significance of the mother tongue can be conspicuous more clearly than ever. And it remains significant forever in communication. In XI century conditions, Makhmud Koshghariy, the famous linguist, philosopher and writer in Central Asia, propogated to teach and learn Turkish language caring about the social atmosphere and means of influence to his nation; (5) and in the XVI century, Alisher Navoi, the great statesman, poet , writer and specialist in literature, wrote that I wish, the people born among own nation with great taste and ability would express their thought and feeling in another language putting aside his own mother tongue

Nowadays, the significance of these lines is gaining more social-political power. Alisher Navai could see the truth in advance which could find its scientific proof in the 80th of the last century with the awareness peculiar to the genius only.

The means of developing national spiritual needs, such as belles-lettres fiction, historical memory, family, educational-training features should be closely connected with mother tongue. Observing the multinational atmosphere in Uzbekistan, we can claim that, a person who is not faithful and dont feel respect to his mother tongue cant understand any fundamental, any ideology or any world famous historical celebrity. More clearly, there is no sacred thing or person for such group of people.

It is not for no reason that, the speech of the president in 11th session of Oliy Majlis of the republic of Uzbekistan was published in daily issues under the headline Language should unite people. The leader of the country clarifies his view point with the following statements: A person who doesnt know his own mother tongue, his family tree or chronology and his root ancestors, is a person with no future. It is true that, one wouldnt understand your heart without knowing your native language. These statements should be raised to the level of agenda during globalization period without doubt. Besides, during this process we, as the owners of national unique heritage passing from generation to generation, save and preserve our native language and we must permanently work hard at enriching and making the significance of it conspicuous.


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